Proceed now… with purposeful direction fueled by your natural capabilities, through a personal assessment can change your life.

We are on a journey toward excellence. A journey shared and cherished for a lifetime.

About Dr. Jim Jones

Jim’s emphasis is in the area of mentoring through his mentoring partners.  This provides for a lifetime commitment for making a difference in the lives of others.  He has managed at all levels with the last 15 years as a vice president in two major industries.  His passion is supporting the individualized growth and his mission is to make a difference in the lives of his mentoring partners.

In a career spanning several decades, Jim has consulted for Raytheon, Century 21 and Motorola, in health care, to universities, several banks and professional development organizations.

For the past 15 years Jim has concentrated on Talent-Based Organizational Development with a concentration in mentoring and Gallup Strengthsfinder as a foundation for his consulting efforts. He is a published author and has written over 200 personal profiles and supported the professional and personal growth for every type of organizational positions. This includes students, faculty, staff, directors and “C” level individuals.

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The Process

Intake Session  ➢  Online Assessment with immediate feedback  ➢  Expert evaluation  ➢ Begin your Epic Journey!

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  1. We perform an initial intake session.  With this we’ll reveal the sources of your great meaning and purpose.  You’ll then complete an intimate personal assessment to reveal your strengths and leadership capabilities in great depth.
  2. Complete an extensive personal assessment of your strengths, weaknesses and tendencies.  You’ll receive an enlightening and actionable initial report right away.
  3. Your results will be independently evaluated by Dr. James Jones.   He will translate and discuss the true meaning of your profile along with some underlying meaning you can’t get from a test or a book.
  4. You’ll receive an evaluation that goes well beyond what you’d expect.  We’ll follow with a mentoring session to get you on your way to harnessing your skills and abilities in the way that you’re meant to be using them.

You know what your potential might be.   We’ll tell you precisely which tools you Already Have and what comes next for you to Engage Up your life!

You can begin as soon as you wish.  Click “Continue” only if you’re serious about knowing the truth and are willing to take the full journey.

What People Say About Dr. Jim Jones

B. King, COO

"The process confirmed my talents and reminded me to focus on my strengths vs improving my weaknesses.

I was able to renew my commitment and energy to my current career. It also pushed me toward a new endeavor that I had been putting off for some time.

The Strength’s Assessment process certainly provides this focus and I am grateful for Jim’s guidance along the way!"

A. Smith, Ph.D.

"I found the Strength Finders exercise and Dr. Jones’ analysis of the results validating. 

Instead of feeling obligated to do things differently I felt as though the process affirmed my already existing strengths and motivated my ongoing professional growth."


J. Colman, Ph.D. President & CEO

"Jim Jones helps people identify the best in themselves and then encourages them to bring those strengths forward.

He is a motivator who leads by example, and his keen insights are spot on. I’ve learned a great deal working with him."

Q. Guichard, MBA

"I am glad I did it, and I have asked many of my employees to do it to for one simple reason: self awareness. Whether one likes or understands the results is almost irrelevant. That is because learning about one's self in an objective way should be the first step to growth, especially in the work place. I would also argue that one can't be aware of others, which is critical in life, unless one is aware of him/herself.

Just like my employees, I would have never gone through the process had someone not invited me to do so. You were that someone!"

C. Smits, Financial Advisor

"Dr. Jones has been a tremendous influence in my life. I’ve known Dr. Jones for roughly 15 years and he helped broaden my perspective on many topics including faith, family and career particularly as I was just getting started in life.

I will forever appreciate his passion and conviction for always standing up for what he believed was right - even if it wasn’t the popular choice. The primary strength that he imparted to me was one of resilience. I am truly thankful for his Leadership over the years. "

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