“Write in my Blog,” I was told today. My challenge is what do I write? This is a time for being Thankful. I am very thankful for those individuals I work with that support our group in meeting the needs of our students. I am thankful for true friendship that endures for years and I am thankful for family; my wife, sons and their families. I am also very thankful for having a job. I actually thought my career was over. At 65, finding a job can be a tremendous challenge.

I do want to say that my friendship and support from two of my staff has lifted my soul, heart and mind to a limit that cannot be measured. I am always amazed at the limit a person’s dedication will go in support for their supervisor. This is not about blind dedication but rather about how support for making sure we reach our goals together. I remember two in my career. Dr. Jim Colman and Michael Joyce as being two individuals I would go to the wall for. Both of these men are much different in terms of how they approach life but both trusted me to do what I needed to do and then supported me in my decisions. This is a very rare thing in today’s management.

In over 40 years of management I have had one or two individuals who might have understood the importance of working together but in this organization a majority actually understand what this means. It is extremely refreshing. There are a couple individuals who are selfish, who are centered to themselves and do not understand what it means to support the group. It is much easier to concentrate on the needs of one instead of the needs of many. They are into themselves. It is not a rare event and it does sadden me.

I had a vendor come in this week. We have been friends, golf buddies, business and strategic partners and he told me last night after dinner, “Our friendship is very important to me and I treasure this friendship more than any I have experienced in the past.” I was overwhelmed. This is what business should be about. It is about a trusting relationship and really nothing more. He then emailed me a touching and caring note about what it means to be friends. It was something.

I visited with my boss this week along with the President of our University. These are two very fine men. They actually care about others. It is true, they are Christians and ministers but that is not what is important. These are good people. They trust me to do what I need to do. This is much like the two staff people that I work with in my office. I have never had this level of real support from staff or supervisors to this level.
I guess it is because of my age. Once you reach the level of an elder you move to another state of mind. I have an employee calling me a “sage” and I do not really feel comfortable with this term. The comments are sincere, that is not the issue. The issue is I am not a sage. I am just someone who understand clearly who is real and who is not. Just as long as my mind is clear and concentrates on the person and not the emotions associated with the person, I remain consistent. Still some do not believe I know what I am doing. I still know what I am doing and my judgment remains very strong and my assessment of others is extremely accurate. In some ways this is a challenge and has always been a challenge but it is who I am. I am guessing that will not change.

I am thankful for all of those who know and understand who I am. I deeply appreciate their friendship and support. I am thankful I have such a wonderful staff. I am better for all of their support and caring for what I believe will change the lives of our students. I am also overjoyed that I am going to leave for home in a few hours and see my wife and puppies. I have a lot to be thankful for…I hope you do…. I guess I discovered what to write about. Thanks for the thought…’Doc’

About Jim Jones

Jim received his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois in Human Resource Development and has over 40 years of management experience in 5 different industries. He has consulted for Raytheon, Century 21 and Motorola. He retired in 2005 as the Sr. VP, Human Resources for Trident Health System (an HCA facility). His specialty is talent-based organizational development.. Jim has recently accepted a position with Shorter University as the Associate Vice President for Online and Professional Education. Shorter University's primary campus is located in Rome, Georgia. His role will include the strategic management of online programs for the university to include the College of Adult and Professional Programs located in Rome and Atlanta. Dr. Jones is looking forward to helping change the lives of those he touches every day in the pursuit of excellence in adult education. This includes students, faculty and staff.
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