Purposely Disengaged

You know who these people are. They are the ones who take the breath and life out of you and your organization. They are the ones who purposely are vocal about what is wrong with you and the company. When asked, they always have an opinion that they believe is the only opinion. While you might think that these individuals are harmless; do not be fooled. These are individuals who are most vocal and will, when given the opportunity, start rumors that are intended to hurt others. These are the individuals who talk about organizing but would not join any union. If that happened their voice would not be heard because they would not be in control anymore.

These individuals come in all walks of life. They belong to churches and civic organizations and they all have the same message and this message is never good. If the organization is doing well these are the ones who suggest that someone in high places is going to leave the company or that someone in high places are doing something illegal. This is all in an effort to sway the tide, move the organization or department in the direction they believe is best. These individuals typically do not provide any productive solutions to the issues and certainly would not go out on a limb support any changes that appeared to be a positive change within the organization. For them it is better to be purposely disengaged and not take any ownership or responsibility so that when people are terminated they can say, “Look, I told you so.”

Here is one sure way to stop these forecasters of doom, do not listen or participate in their half truths and lies. These individuals live for the tide to change in any direction so they can develop their message and have people listen to them. The reality is that they really do not have a clue, it is their words that seem to run over anything that is perceived to be good or productive. I have actually seen these individuals destroy departments within organizations. They are also the ones who provide the greatest amount of negative feedback in company forums or feedback sessions. They need an audience in order to be successful and open forum discussions are great place to fill the minds of others with junk. Because they are very vocal they do impact a select group of individuals who are on the brink of being disengaged.

Here is another way to help stop this madness, have your facts and present the facts when the purposely disengaged challenge authority. Talk about what is real and what is going on verses what is presented in the form of hearsay or rumors. Not responding to the challenges is wrong. That will mean that the words of the disengaged are assumed to be correct. Do not back down. Take a stand and let those who will listen know that there is another perception that may be closer to reality that what is being presented by the purposely disengaged. Silence is what they are looking for in others. It is how they win. Challenge them. Have a perspective that engages others in the discussion and above all do not be silent.

We all know who these individuals are and taking a stand against their oppressive comments it what needs to be done. The time to start is today. Make the move and stop the purposely disengaged in your company. It will be worth the challenge. This takes strength of character that most do not have but many need to develop. It is your time to start.

About Jim Jones

Jim received his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois in Human Resource Development and has over 40 years of management experience in 5 different industries. He has consulted for Raytheon, Century 21 and Motorola. He retired in 2005 as the Sr. VP, Human Resources for Trident Health System (an HCA facility). His specialty is talent-based organizational development.. Jim has recently accepted a position with Shorter University as the Associate Vice President for Online and Professional Education. Shorter University's primary campus is located in Rome, Georgia. His role will include the strategic management of online programs for the university to include the College of Adult and Professional Programs located in Rome and Atlanta. Dr. Jones is looking forward to helping change the lives of those he touches every day in the pursuit of excellence in adult education. This includes students, faculty and staff.
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