What Really Matters

What really matters when you are trying your best and the dogs are ready to run you over? This is what matters; you and the friends who support you, the people who love and care for you and those unseen forces that seem to come through when all appears to be lost. This is what matters.

I spent an hour with an uplifting friend yesterday afternoon. It was not one of those you can concur the world hours. It was simply a time to listen and take in everything I was saying. Without any judgments or negative feedback this friend said to me, “I support you in whatever you decide.” What a joy to have that kind of support without any questions or terms of control or feeling of owing them anything in return. It was very uplifting and actually made my day a lot brighter and better. I returned to my office with a feeling or need to accomplish something that needed my attention. I looked for new ways of thinking and doing more. This is great because I have one of those unseen forces that I am going to encounter later today. This one small experience and support gave me a new feeling of accomplishment and it may give me some additional strength to talk through any additional challenges I face today.

I was told yesterday by another wonderful supportive individual that I needed to think about how great a job I was doing to help them become more than they were last year or the year before. Again, it was one of those times when you think, “Why didn’t I think about this and why did I need to be told this when I was always part of the process?” You don’t think about these things because the DOGS are getting bigger every day and you are just trying to survive the attack. But if we all stop and think through these times; they are joyous, rewarding, fulfilling and bring a feeling of peace to all of us. Without these individuals in our lives we would not be able to survive the battles presented by those who would wish and pray for our failure.

In both of these examples my real friends and partners in this place in life gave me renewed feelings about what I was doing to make the lives of others better. No matter the outcomes of our everyday trials we have those very special individuals in our lives that make a difference and change our thoughts, impressions and feelings. I think it is very important to pay very close attention to these times of wisdom from others that, if we do listen carefully, will pass us by and we will not realize the importance or impact. This is What Really Matters.

I am so thankful and deeply appreciate these two individuals who have impacted my life over the past few years in such a wonderful impactful way, words cannot express my lifelong friendship that I have developed with these two individuals. It will make my day much better today and the many days to come. Trusting in others to be a force that makes a difference in our lives is a great winning feeling. I am so very thankful for these two individuals and how they have been there for me through all of the challenges that we attempt to overcome each day. Their simple yet profound words will make my experience today completely different and I believe much more positive. Please find those one or two individuals that will provide you with this level of support and you will also see what Really Matters to you and to them.

This is What Really Matters and I am so very grateful.

About Jim Jones

Jim received his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois in Human Resource Development and has over 40 years of management experience in 5 different industries. He has consulted for Raytheon, Century 21 and Motorola. He retired in 2005 as the Sr. VP, Human Resources for Trident Health System (an HCA facility). His specialty is talent-based organizational development.. Jim has recently accepted a position with Shorter University as the Associate Vice President for Online and Professional Education. Shorter University's primary campus is located in Rome, Georgia. His role will include the strategic management of online programs for the university to include the College of Adult and Professional Programs located in Rome and Atlanta. Dr. Jones is looking forward to helping change the lives of those he touches every day in the pursuit of excellence in adult education. This includes students, faculty and staff.
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