Depth of Character, Honor & Integrity

Once upon a time I did not understand any of these words.  Oh, I talked a good line to be sure.  That talk was infrequent and most likely was simply words I used to either fit in or become someone to be respected, when I really did not practice what I preached.  We have all been there in business settings.  You know, just one little white lie will not hurt anyone.  Take just a small piece of the puzzle and not the whole puzzle and no one will ever know the difference.  Even more critical is finding someone you work with who shares your perceptions of character, honor and integrity.  Most are just to self-serving to understand the value of honor and trust.  Others manipulate the truth to make it work for them.  You know who these people are.  You work with them every day.  They define truth as their mantra and yet suck every last dime out of a customer who cannot afford it.  They may even engage someone in reaching a personal or professional goal only to make themselves look good in the eyes of others.  It is not right on any level.  So now what?  I suggest we seek out those of honor and integrity and set them apart from the rest.  Use them as examples of what it should be like to have strength of character, honor and integrity.  Support these individuals by helping us all make a difference in the lives we impact every day.  For without these very few individuals, we are really doomed.  Sorry, I actually believe we are.  The path created for success is often based on selfish needs and desires to make s difference in the lives of others.  We do not want to follow those who wish to raise themselves to a level of honor that only cherishes their own accomplishments.  Recognize those who really make a postive difference in the lives of others or the true leaders.  There are so very few.

Just some random thoughts for those who really care.  There are so few….

About Jim Jones

Jim received his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois in Human Resource Development and has over 40 years of management experience in 5 different industries. He has consulted for Raytheon, Century 21 and Motorola. He retired in 2005 as the Sr. VP, Human Resources for Trident Health System (an HCA facility). His specialty is talent-based organizational development.. Jim has recently accepted a position with Shorter University as the Associate Vice President for Online and Professional Education. Shorter University's primary campus is located in Rome, Georgia. His role will include the strategic management of online programs for the university to include the College of Adult and Professional Programs located in Rome and Atlanta. Dr. Jones is looking forward to helping change the lives of those he touches every day in the pursuit of excellence in adult education. This includes students, faculty and staff.
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