When Good is Not

When you are looking a that gift horse in the mouth, it may not be a kiss.  We are all asked to take on more work in today’s workplace.  Some of us really want to do a good job while others are challenged to just meet average.  Oh, we all believe we are the best thing since sliced bread but not all of us are using a sharp knife. 

I have worked for over 30 years in at least 6 different industries and the most amazing thing is the people you work work.  Why?  Because not one of them is the same.  Every individual is unique and in many cases that is what will help make the organization stronger.  But the other side of that coin is that sometimes this uniqueness will not help the organization but hurt it. 

You know who I am talking about.  The person that is interested in making sure that they are the only individuals that are successful; Maybe it is the person who smiles that big broad smile and then when your back is turned, they make it a point to ruin your life; Of course we have the power monger who believes that winning at all costs is the only way to perform.  We have all worked with these individuals.  They are not only recognized by everyone, they are also very smart, skillful and talented.  They are still working because they have made it this far by making it work for them. 

I am from the old school.  I trust very few people and the people I trust I trust explicitly.  If that person intentionally hurts or lies to me, it creates a division between myself and them that cannot be fixed.  Trust is really the only thing that real relationships are about and trying to fix a lie or create an image that is not there will never work and by the way, should not work. We want to trust, to believe, to cherish the relationship we form with others but sometimes when is appears to be good is it not.  It is probably one of the hardest realities of life we are all challenged with in the work place.  People who lie, cheat and steal their way through life and expect everything handed to them without thought for the impact on another person seems to be more prolific in the workplace than in the past.  I guess we have to ask why?  There are no really clear cut answers except that it has be an expectation rather than a rarity.

When you see that Good is not what you thought resist the temptation to follow in their footsteps.  Take a strong stand and do what is right rather than what is easy.  Challenge the person.  Ask them is they really understand the impact they are having on the work group.  Tell them that making a difference in business outcomes is important for everyone, not just for their own needs.  In other words, stand up and make a difference yourself.  That is something that is wrong with management today.  No one really wants to stand up for what is right.  They want to take the easy way out and save face or not upset the person.  All this does is create a mediocre organization.  An organization that operates at average instead of excellence.  So when Good is not, make a difference and stop it before these individuals create a culture that has accepted Bad as Good and Average as Excellent.  It happens every day in all types of companies because we have decided it is easier to ignore or subvert than it is to stand up and do the right thing…You are the person who will make a difference.  Remember that www.Engageup.com can help you define your own business outcomes.

About Jim Jones

Jim received his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois in Human Resource Development and has over 40 years of management experience in 5 different industries. He has consulted for Raytheon, Century 21 and Motorola. He retired in 2005 as the Sr. VP, Human Resources for Trident Health System (an HCA facility). His specialty is talent-based organizational development.. Jim has recently accepted a position with Shorter University as the Associate Vice President for Online and Professional Education. Shorter University's primary campus is located in Rome, Georgia. His role will include the strategic management of online programs for the university to include the College of Adult and Professional Programs located in Rome and Atlanta. Dr. Jones is looking forward to helping change the lives of those he touches every day in the pursuit of excellence in adult education. This includes students, faculty and staff.
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